Umberto Espresso Bar

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My name is Marco and I'd like to introduce myself.  My father is Umberto.  A true local, as he settled in the area over 50 years ago when he emigrated from Calabria in Italy - so you could say he’s no stranger to these parts.

My dad and I have a very close relationship, so much so that in 2010, I decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of his and mine to open up an authentic Italian espresso bar and restaurant. My dad had been selling coffee in Australia for 30 odd years, so he’s seen the birth of Melbourne’s coffee culture and watched its many transformations over the years to the point where Melbourne’s cafes rival any city in the world. 

As the son of an Italian immigrant I realised early on what was most important to Italians who made the long journey out here and forged new beginnings. Strong work ethic, good food, coffee and the most important thing, family. We’ve put all these ingredients into Umberto Espresso Bar and with dad’s old school Italian ways and my passion to continue and promote these, I think we’ve created something simple, yet something very special.

You should really come in and check it out for yourself. Our menu is simple and we cook up homestyle ‘casalinga’ Italian food.

We don't do trends, 'latte art' or anything that is Instgrammable - we do honest, homecooked food, proper coffee with genuine hospitality.

Come in and introduce yourself - community and family are important and seeing as we’re part of your community we’d like you to be part of our family.

Marco and Umberto